Paper accepted to Econometrica

The research paper titled “Persuasion of a Privately Informed Receiver” by Anton Kolotilin, Tymofiy Mylovanov, Andriy Zapechelnyuk, and Ming Li is accepted for publication to Econometrica.

The paper studies persuasion mechanism design (or information design) in linear environments. It addresses a problem in which one party persuades another, privately informed, party to take a certain action. The paper establishes the equivalence of implementation by private and public persuasion mechanisms, and characterises optimal persuasion mechanisms.

Announcement: Persuasion Project

Welcome to our research project’s blog.

This is a project that studies persuasion mechanisms and their applications.

The team, Andy Zapechelnyuk from St Andrews and Hisayuki Yoshimoto from Glasgow, together with our colleague from the other side of the world, Anton Kolotilin from UNSW, Sydney, will post news and developments of this project here.