2019 SAET Conference session organised

Andy Zapechelnyuk organised a session on the frontiers of information design, persuasion and communication at the 2019 SAET Conference (Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory), Ischia, Italy, June 30-July 5.

The session featured the talks from leading specialists in the field:

  • “Belief Management and Optimal Arbitration” by Johannes Schneider (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid), joint with Benjamin Balzer (University of Technology Sydney)
  • “Persuasion for the Long Run” by James Best (Carnegie Mellon University), joint with Daniel Quigley (University of Oxford)
  • “Optimal Persuasion with an Application to Media Censorship” by Andy Zapechelnyuk (St Andrews), joint with Anton Kolotilin (UNSW) and Tymofiy Mylovanov (University of Pittsburgh)

New sub-project: Fake Reviews

We will address the question of fake product reviews on the internet portals. We will develop a formal model applicable to this question. We will collect publicly available data on reviews of selected products from Amazon and Tripadvisor and analyze what factors contribute to fake reviews appearance, and how the problem can be mitigated.