Impact Conference

Title: Conference on Policy and Mechanism Design in Politically Challenging Environments

Dates: 25-27th July, 2018
Venue: Kyiv School of Economics, Kyiv, Ukraine
Registration: Event is by invitation only

The conference held a series of talks and round-table discussions between world leading academic specialists on mechanism and market design – including Jeremy Bulow (Stanford), Peter Cramton (University of Maryland and University of Cologne), Paul Klemper (University of Oxford), Paul Milgrom (Stanford University), Tymofiy Mylovanov (University of Pittsburgh and Kyiv School of Economics), Michael Schwarz (Microsoft), Steve Tadelis (University of California Berkeley and Amazon), and Andy Zapechelnyuk (University of St Andrews) – and representatives of Ukrainian public authorities and government agencies, as well as members of the parliament of Ukraine.

The event is organised and hosted by Kyiv School of Economics. For any queries please contact: